How do I submit a resume as an actor?

Click here to be taken to the proper form. 


How do I submit a resume as crew?

Click here to be taken to the proper form. 


Do you take submissions such as scripts and films?

If they fit our criteria, then yes we are happy to take the submission for review. There are of course no guarantees, but we will work to review your submission. Click here to review the guidelines for submission. 


How can I support Kingdom Sight Studios?

There are several ways that you can support Kingdom Sight Studios, including: Prayer, giving and talent. Click here to find out how you can support us!


Is Kingdom Sight Studios on social media?

Yes we are! Click here to be taken to our social media page to get the latest and to join in!


Where can I purchase Kingdom Sight Studios’ films?

Depending on the film, there are several different ways to find them. Click here to see the different films and where you can purchase a copy!


Is Kingdom Sight Studios a business or a ministry?

We are a for-profit business, but we work like a ministry in a lot of ways. We desire to see the message of Christ spread through the power of film. 


Does Kingdom Sight Studios provide any services for commercial/industrial clientele?

We have done work for clients and are always open to discussing what that would look like. Please click here and fill out the form with contact info and the type of project you are looking to create and we will contact you promptly. 


How do I get involved in your upcoming productions?

Click here to submit a resume or use the general contact form to tell us about your desires and hopes in being involved with a production.  Additionally, follow us on social media to learn of upcoming scheduling events.