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Kingdom Sight Studios wants to promote the growth of the Christian film market by creating a place for aspiring storytellers to share their work. We want to invite the God of creation to push our standards and open us to bigger works. We are happy to review both script and film. Please see the guidelines below for submission details and requirements.  


Submission Guidelines:

  1. The message must be inline with that of Kingdom Sight Studios’ mission and contain NONE of the following: Nudity/Sexuality, Heavy Language, Gore or Senseless Violence, Glorification of Drug or Alcohol use, or the demining of any sex/race/religion.
  2. Must be a complete work of original content. Any submission that is caught in infringement of copyright laws will be immediately reported.  
  3. Must be labeled as a submission for REVIEW or RIGHTS.
  4. Kingdom Sight Studios is not responsible for incomplete scripts or corrupted data.
  5. Kingdom Sight Studios is not a distributor and has no ability to guarantee any further action with your submission.
  6. Kingdom Sight Studios makes no guarantee on the time needed for the review of submitted work.