Established in 2013 by Nathan Blair, Kingdom Sight Studios has since produced two feature length films (A Perfect Chord, 2nd Greatest) and is in pre-production on their third (Signs & Wonders).  The studio was started with the vision to create beautiful looking films that rival anything from Hollywood, but carry a Christ centered message. 


The executive leadership of the studio includes Nathan Blair (Founder/Writer/Director/Editor) and Mike Flack (Vice President/Director of Sound & Score/Producer/Actor). The pair first met at Hillside Community Church in Golden, CO and discussed a music video for the Flack family band. That conversation turned into a short film, that God turned into “A Perfect Chord.” 


To date, Kingdom Sight Studios’ films have traveled on both the Duck Commander and KLOVE cruises, been highlighted on the Dove Foundations Home Page and available in numerous locations for rent or purchase including, Best Buy, Walmart, Family Christian Bookstores, Mardel Christian Bookstores, iTunes, Christian Cinema and many more. Their films are currently being translated into other languages for international audiences. 



Founder / Writer / Director / Editor


Nathan Blair has loved movies his whole life. As a child of the 80’s, his favorite move of all time is “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He always fantasized ab0ut making movies but thought it too impossible. God disagreed. While working as a graphic designer, God began calling him to become a filmmaker. The calling excited and terrified him which eventually led to a time of fasting and prayer. As he tells it, “God only made me wait 2 meals thankfully.” He was sitting at his kitchen table when God spoke clearly with a simple word, “Go.”


Nathan has credits as writer, producer, director, cinematographer, and editor on four feature films.  His first, “A Perfect Chord” (2014), is about using your gifts and talents for God.  A Perfect Chord” has been in worldwide distribution on shelves at all major Christian retailers and broadcast internationally as well as on Amazon Prime and Pureflix. His second, “2ndGreatest” (2015), is inspired by true stories set in Golden, CO. It’s about the 2ndgreatest commandment to love your neighbor as yourself and follows a pastor, a police officer and homeless drunk who come together to save a low-income trailer park from a bitter and vain land developer. “2ndGreatest” was featured on the Duck Commander and KLOVE cruises and is also available internationally on shelves, tv and streaming services such as Prime and Pureflix. His third film, “A High School Story” (2016), is an homage to classics such as “Ferris Buhler’s Day Off” and “Breakfast Club.” It asks the question, “what if the Bible took place in high school?” “A High School Story” is available worldwide and was selected as an exclusive featured title on Pureflix. His most recent, “SCION” (2017), is a supernatural thriller about knowing your identity in Christ. The film’s tagline is, “When knowing who you are, means running for your life.”  “SCION” is slated for release early next year.


Nathan has a deep calling to create high level films with a Christ centered message. Nathan is passionate about creating entertaining films that reach into viewers every day and show them Jesus. It has been said that he’s a “force to reckon with” in the faith-based industry.


“In my opinion, movies represent the most powerful medium for communicating a message. Jesus spoke in parables to convey points because He knew the power of story. And when you combine story with stunning visuals and soaring music, you have a method to reach people on a deeper level. Filmmakers have been utilizing the power of film for decades, I just want to share a story of hope and joy, whether that’s a horror movie or a western. Movies move people, I want my movies to move people towards Jesus.”



As Kingdom Sight Studios works to spread the message of Christ there will always be opposition. We would love for you to join with us in praying for the leadership, projects and future of the company against the work of the enemy, creating a strong prayer cover. 



We are honored by those who support our message through giving to the production of our films. If that is something that you would like to learn more about please click here.  



Kingdom Sight Studios is always looking for new talent, either in front of the camera or behind it. There are several ways to get involved in those areas. Please click here to be taken to the Contact Us page and submit your information.