FEature films


A Perfect Chord is A film about overcoming fear, living up to expectations, the power of friendship and using ones gifts and talents to inspire others.

Cadence (Malia Flack) has an incredible gift for music. The only problem is no one knows it. Overcome with extreme stage fright, Cadence has hidden her talent away only to show it in the comfortable confines of her school music room, after hours of course and only for the ears of her best friend Lizzy (Avery Noel).

Mika (Elina Odnoralov) comes from a classically trained musical family and must contend with her piano genius brother.  She struggles to deal with the weight of expectations, as she wrestles with her talent and the style of music that her heart yearns to play.

One afternoon, in the school music room, something happens that will change their lives forever . . .


2nd Greatest – How a community was changed by the “Golden Rule”

2nd Greatest is a Christian drama inspired by the incredible true stories set in Golden, CO. About how the “Golden Rule” changed a community forever!

A pastor, a homeless drunk and a police officer must discover a way to bring unity to a lost community and to themselves, while fighting for a low income trailer park before it’s shut down by a wealthy and well connected 5th generation Goldenite set on ridding his beloved town of homeless trash.