Kingdom Sight Studios is a Christian film studio focused on producing high quality films that inspire, encourage and promote a relationship with Jesus Christ. 



Established in 2013 by Nathan Blair, Kingdom Sight Studios has since produced two feature length films (A Perfect Chord, 2nd Greatest) and is in pre-production on their third (Signs & Wonders).  The studio was started with the vision to create beautiful looking films that rival anything from Hollywood, but carry a Christ centered message. 


The executive leadership of the studio includes Nathan Blair (Founder/Writer/Director/Editor) and Mike Flack (Vice President/Director of Sound & Score/Producer/Actor). The pair first met at Hillside Community Church in Golden, CO and discussed a music video for the Flack family band. That conversation turned into a short film, that God turned into “A Perfect Chord.” 


To date, Kingdom Sight Studios’ films have traveled on both the Duck Commander and KLOVE cruises, been highlighted on the Dove Foundations Home Page and available in numerous locations for rent or purchase including, Best Buy, Walmart, Family Christian Bookstores, Mardel Christian Bookstores, iTunes, Christian Cinema and many more. Their films are currently being translated into other languages for international audiences. 





Founder / Writer / Director / Editor


Nathan began his creative career as a graphic designer, but a request from a client looking for a quality video for their website, changed all that.  Fast-forward several video projects later, and Nathan was on the doorstep of a life changing decision. God had been calling him to transition into becoming a filmmaker. Nathan hesitated at first, unsure what that would mean for his family and design career. But after serious commitment to prayer and clear affirmation, he moved forward into the world of film and established Kingdom Sight Studios in 2013. Since that time Nathan has written and directed two feature films and is in pre-production on his third. 


After establishing Kingdom Sight, Nathan began praying for someone to aid him in the process. God had that already planned. Nathan and Mike Flack went to the same church in Golden, CO and began discussing first a music video, then a short film, then a feature, and during that time became great friends. With Nathan taking on the visuals and direction, Mike would take on the task of sound and score. Together they have created a high quality product, and something that Nathan calls, “God inspired.”


Nathan’s main goal in filmmaking is to create Christian films that look Hollywood, but carry a message of Christ. He has begun to teach film classes for high school students and has a vision for creating a place other Christian filmmakers, actors, producers, writers and movie lovers alike can come and share their vision for God’s stories. 


"Film has the capacity to capture a person’s full attention. All of a movie’s elements work together to tell a story that for two hours catapults you to another time or place.  The combination of the senses, with the mind and the heart, is what make movies so powerful.  We are free to imagine the "what if" and visualize how our lives could be different. They allow us to empathize with another person's struggles, or realize we're not alone. Movies are a powerful means of spreading God's word. Movies move people. My desire is that they move people toward Him."


Nathan lives in Westminster, Colorado with his wife and four children. 



Vice President / Director of Sound & Score / Producer / Actor


Mike has been the worship pastor at Hillside Community Church in Golden, Colorado since 1996 where he has seen God stir passion in the hearts of His people in the areas of music, fellowship, teaching, giving, and other appropriate forms of expression inside and outside of the church. He is also owner and operator of LaunchPad Studios where he has been privileged to work with many gifted artists over the last 15 years in the Denver area and around the world. 


After meeting Nathan Blair in 2013, he has been able to expand his love of music and worship by inspiring others on the big screen.  What started as a music video inquiry has turned into an amazing friendship and film production company.  He is amazed seeing his gifts and the gifts of others come to fruition in ways he could never imagine through film.


Worship continues to be his passion as he strives to inspire communities around the world through music, film and all artistic forms of expression.


“My deepest hope for people is that they would truly see who God has made them to be and respond in faith, stepping out in their gifts.  I feel incredibly honored and privileged to have the capability and means to inspire them to do so.  I love being a part of what God is doing in our community in Golden and around the world!“


Mike lives in Arvada, Colorado with his wife and four children.



As Kingdom Sight Studios works to spread the message of Christ there will always be opposition. We would love for you to join with us in praying for the leadership, projects and future of the company against the work of the enemy, creating a strong prayer cover. 



We are honored by those who support our message through giving to the production of our films. If that is something that you would like to learn more about please click here.  



Kingdom Sight Studios is always looking for new talent, either in front of the camera or behind it. There are several ways to get involved in those areas. Please click here to be taken to the Contact Us page and submit your information.