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Production Title: "A High School Story"

Media Link:

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Christian Inspirational/Comedy
Project length: Feature Length (90-120)
Project format: 2.35:1 - 16:9 HD

Production location: Denver Metro Area, CO
Production Company: Kingdom Sight Studios
Company website:
Director: Nathan Blair

Producer: Nathan Blair, Mike Flack
Casting Director: Mariah Wood
Audition Location: Hillside Community Church 103 North Ford, Golden, CO 80403; 
Faith Christian Academy 4890 Carr St, Arvada, CO 80002; Faith Bible Chapel 6210 Ward Rd, Arvada, CO 80004 (west side)


Compensation: This is a low budget independent film but depending on the role, this will be a paid project for main cast. THIS IS NOT A STUDENT FILM!

We are producing an extensive BTS series that may be aired on broadcast TV so we will be performing interviews pre and post. There is no compensation for the BTS portion but exposure will be great.

Each audition will be open to the public. We will require a registration before someone can audition. We will work on a first come first serve basis using a number. Please be prepared for a wait as we anticipate a great turn out! Since we will be working with minors, we require a parent or guardian to sign the paperwork and be present at the auditions. Please do not drop off your actor/actress and leave for an extended period of time. 


·      Auditions:

o   September 3rd (Hillside Community Church) Registration opens @ 9:00am First Audition @ 10:00am – Registration Closes @ 3:00pm Final Audition @ 4:00pm. 

o   September 8th (Hillside Community Church) Registration opens @ 4:00pm First Audition @ 4:30pm – Registration Closes @ 7:00pm Final Audition @ 8:00pm.

o   September 9th (Hillside Community Church) Registration opens @ 4:00pm First Audition @ 4:30pm – Registration Closes @ 8:00pm Final Audition @ 9:00pm.

o   September 15th (Faith Christian Academy Carr St) Registration opens @ 4:00pm First Audition @ 4:30pm – Registration Closes @ 8:00pm Final Audition @ 9:00pm.

o   September 17th (Faith Bible Chapel Ward Rd (west side)) Registration opens @ 9:00am First Audition @ 10:00am – Registration Closes @ 7:00pm Final Audition @ 8:00pm. 

o   CALLBACKS September 24th (Hillside Community Church) Round 1- 9:00am – 12:00pm – Due to our extremely tight deadline, we will be reducing the cast down to finalists and then moving into Round 2 - 1:00pm - 6:00pm. 

We will be accepting video auditions as well so respond to email with resume, headshots, and a link to your demo reel and audition.
We will be working on 10 minute audition slots and each audition will be filmed. Please plan on time for pre and post interviews for the BTS episodes. 

Production Start: October 17th 2016
Production End: November 30th 2016

Download sides and release forms here!

What if the Bible took place in high school? That would change your perspective wouldn’t it? “A High School Story” is the story of one student’s realization that at Faith High School, the Bible is coming to life.   

Derek Lane [Male](Junior)- Football Quarterback

Derek is the quiet, confident, but forgotten youngest brother of 5 boys. He and his family just moved to a new town and he has to not only find his place in a new school but on a new football team. He is the back up to Kyle Quade, a senior who looks the part of a high school stand out. Derek needs to be seen by his parents but he refuses to compromise his morals, and instead of the school changing him, he changes it.

Emma Scott [Female] (Junior)- Ballet/Dramatic Dancer

Emma is the girl next door. She is naturally beautiful with intelligence and class, but she is timid and unsure. She lives with her grandfather Morty after losing both parents. She used to be the cheerleading captain but gave that up to focus on her true love of dance. She works on forms of Ballet and dramatic but loves all kinds. 

Faye Triggs [Female] (Junior) – Filmmaker

Faye is the best friend we all want. She’s loyal with the right combination of spunk and sensitivity. She is independent and confident and won’t let others dictate her world. She is a budding filmmaker with an eye for great story telling.

Jason Quade [Male] (Junior)

Jason is the younger brother of Kyle Quade. Where Kyle is self absorbed, Jason is selfless and kind. He is an outsider at home having little in common. He is the epitome of brainy but cool.

Kyle Quade [Male] (Senior) – Football Quarterback

Quade is the epitome of a classic high school jock down to his infatuation with his own reflection. All his bravado really hides his deep insecurity. He is the king of the school and he fears losing his status. 

Alexis Silvestri [Female] (Junior/Senior) Head Cheerleader

You know when the pretty girl is really an evil, control freak, spoiled princess? That’s Alexis. She is a manipulative control freak who operates out of jealousy and selfish ambition. She will get what she wants no matter what. 

Coach Simms [Male 50+] Football Coach

Coach Simms has been at Faith High School for 20 years. He is well loved and very successful as a coach. He has to deal with Quade as his quarterback and default team leader, until Derek Lane comes along. Now what?

Morty Scott [Male 50+] Grandfather

Morty is Emma’s grandfather. He took guardianship when Emma’s folks passed away. He’s a little lost in time but Emma keeps trying to get him caught up. He adores Emma and does his best to be there for her. He often wonders who takes care of who. 

Principal Kuper [Male 40+]

Kuper was once a truly great administrator, but has lost his way chasing trends and status. He’s the comic relief, but he doesn’t know it. 

Mrs. Johnson [Female 40+]

Mrs. Johnson is Principal Kuper’s beleaguered assistant. She acts as his conscience trying to guide him back to what made him great. She is submissive, but spunky and unafraid to say what needs to be said. 

Mrs. Lane [Female 40+]

She is a loving mother who dotes over her boys, just not over all of them. She was done having kids when Derek came along. She and her husband Jesse have struggled to integrate him into their world.


There are several supporting roles in the film. We will be drawing mostly from those who have auditioned to fill those as well. Please be prepared to read more than one role.  

Also, we will need to fill 2 football teams so if you are open to being an extra as a football player please mark that as an option. Those teams will have “practice” with our football coordinator before production begins.